As proponents of change to the world, we believe that service to humanity is paramount.

Hello! We’re a bunch of inspired high school students based in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh; We are Bhavishya (the word bhavishya is of sanskrit origin, and translates to 'future'). We believe that small steps of change can make a big impact, and a change for the better is mandatory for self-development and brighter future. Upholding the same principle, we try to fullfil our duties as citizens of the World.


A Grade 11 student with an interest in economics.

Kavya Gupta

A Grade 10 student with a passion for music and science.

Anandita Vishnoi

A Grade 11 student with keen interest in science and economics.

Varyam Gupta

A Grade 11 student interest in humanities. Voracious reader and chess player.

Pranav Lohia

A grade 11 student with an interest in research and biology

Divija Modi