Plantation Drive

In 2019, Kanpur was pronounced as the most polluted city. The air quality, too, was very poor. Garbage filled the streets, whereas, jungles of concrete were sprawling in the name of development; the green cover was rapidly depleting. Underground water was progressing to RED zone.
To overcome such problems, Bhavishya partnered with Kanpur Parivartan Forum and hosted a Greenathon. The Plantation Drive included maintenance and care of saplings till they may sustain on their own.

With the help of more than 500 volunteers in total, we were able to successfully plant over a 600 trees on the Barrage-Mandhana Road (The road between Ganges river and Mandhana village).

Since the first Greenathon turned out to be a hit, we planned to launch a second Greenathon.
At the end of both of the Greenathons we were able to plant more than 1,000 trees.

We extend our deepest regards to Kanpur Parivartan Forum for helping and guiding us.

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