Shiksha Kit

First Drive:

On the 6th of July, 2021 Bhavishy’s core team along with Zomato’s feedingindia team conducted a drive to carry out Bhavishy Foundation’s initiative- Shiksha kit.

Our aim was to provide literacy kits to academically disadvantaged children.

We covered the Maurang Mandi area in Kanpur, U.P., where we distributed 200+ shiksha kits to students in community schools that lacked these resources. Seeing their grateful faces, we were absolutely delighted and promised ourselves to complete our goals!

Second Drive:

150+ Shiksha Kits were distributed at an Informal School run by 'Shiksha Sopan', an NGO situated in Kanpur started by Prof. HC Verma. Shiksha Sopan is run by IIT Kanpur Faculty, Students, Members, Employees and local Young Enthusiastic people for the upliftment of underdeveloped sections of the society through meaningful education.

These kits were distributed after the students resumed their schooling, with proper safety measures. The kits will be helping the students in having a smooth transition entering physical schooling after a long hault.

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